What Is Servlet?

A servlet is a Java technology that is managed by a container called a servlet engine. It generates dynamic content and interacts with the client through Request and Response. Servlet extends the functionality of a web server.

Though servlets can respond to many types of requests, they generally implement web containers for hosting any website on web server. Therefore, it is qualified as a server-side servlet web API.

What Is JSP?

JSP is a collection of technologies developed by Sun Microsystems. It is used to develop web pages by inserting Java code into the HTML pages by making special JSP tags. It can…

What is Servlet?

Servlet is a Java program that is running on a web server in Servlet Life Cycle. Servlets are used to create a dynamic web application. The dynamic web application content can be changed depends on a specific request that was sent to the server. This is the main benefit in comparison with a static web application.

All the interfaces and classes dedicated to Servlets creation and work with them are in two packages javax.servlet and javax.servlet.http.

The last version of the Servlet API is Servlet 4.0. It was released together with the Java Enterprise Edition 8. There was added support…

What is Spanning Tree?

A Spanning tree is a subset of an undirected Graph that has connected all the vertices by minimum number of edges. If all the vertices are connected in a graph, then there will be at least one spanning tree present in the graph. In a graph, there can be more than one spanning trees.


· A spanning tree does not create a cycle

· Any vertex can be reached by any other vertex


In the following example of graph you can see the highlighted edges forms spanning tree

What is Minimum Spanning Tree?



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